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Open Any File - Discover how to open any file format

Open Any File is an app for Macs that helps you discover how to open up any file, no matter the format. Many times when cleaning your computer or downloading something it's possible to run across file formats that you've never encountered before.

Open any obscure file formats

While many of the most popular file formats are well known and standardised, it's possible for any developer to create their own file format and many apps do so in an attempt to keep users ring-fenced into using their app. Unfortunately for users this can sometimes mean stumbling across file formats that your Mac does not know how to open. By using Open Any File, you can simply drag and drop any file into it and it will present you with both a detailed analysis of the file, including checksums for integrity and verification purposes, as well as a list of any installed apps capable of opening that file type. If you don't have any apps installed, it is also capable of recommending apps to download that support that file format!

Struggle to open files no more

Open Any File is great for keeping a clean Mac, discovering which apps open file formats you don't know how to use whether you have them installed or not.


  • Can open or recommend apps for most file formats
  • Checksum verification helps ensure integrity of downloaded files


  • Does nothing more than recommend which apps to use
  • Checksums and hexdump likely irrelevant for most users


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Open Any File


Open Any File 1.0 for Mac


User reviews about Open Any File

  • Michael Parkman

    by Michael Parkman

    I do not think this app is useful. It grabs other apps and prevents me from uninstalling it. I have not found an uninstaller. If theMore

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